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The Tax Dude® has extensive experience in nearly all areas of income taxation relating to businesses and individuals. He also regularly serves as a strategic consultant on a wide range of non-tax related business issues. In addition, he provides aggressive, experienced and skilled representation against IRS challenges at the audit and appeals. He has successfully represented clients against the IRS on issues regarding reasonable compensation, valuation discounts, time value of money, travel and entertainment expenses, innocent spouse relief and personal liability for unpaid business taxes.  The Tax Dude® also specializes in divorce related tax and financial planning matters.

How Did I Become The Tax Dude®?

In 1994, a new client was referred to me to prepare his 1993 tax returns. The client forgot to write my name down in his appointment book, but remembered the purpose for the appointment. In place of my name, he wrote down "Tax Dude". The client confessed his absent mindedness at our meeting and showed me what he wrote in his appointment book.

I thought the moniker was kind of clever. Besides being one of the most brilliant and creative tax minds in the United States, I am without a doubt the coolest tax pro you will ever find. Forget the thick-rimmed specs, pocket protectors and stubby pencils. I'm not that kind of dude!

It was very appropriate for my new client to refer to me as The Tax Dude®. I liked the moniker so much, I trademarked it. It's a good thing I did because this guy never paid his bill. I'd love to give this guy due credit, but I've long forgotten his name. Let's just call him "Deadbeat Client" and hope he didn't stiff another tax pro the next year!

Don't Be Fooled By Copycats!

There are two individuals impersonating The Tax Dude®.  One is located in San Diego, California.  The other is located in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania.  Both individuals are violating United States Trademark Law with their unauthorized use of The Tax Dude®.  Neither party has requested permission to use The Tax Dude® and as such, The Tax Dude® does not endorse the service(s) they provide. 

While both individuals may be qualified tax professionals, neither have demonstrated skills and knowledge to warrant the use of the trademark.  The Tax Dude® feels their complete disregard for Trademark Law to be an unethical business practice.  Too much time and effort has gone in to create The Tax Dude® brand and unauthorized use is absolutely shameful.

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